It’s About Relationships

It’s all about relationships.

At home that means connections which can help build careers, business and romance. Be my Facebook friend. Follow me on Twitter. Leverage me and my posse on LinkedIn.

Here in Africa, relationships mean something else. It means, “time out.” Who are you? Tell me your story.

I have had a wonderful day with my brother in Christ, Barnabas. This morning I took my camera and tripod to morning devotions to record his homily, which was presented to staff and others in the Rukiga language. I’m working with the hospital chaplain on a video series of sermons/homilies to show to patients in their wards.

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Today, we also knocked out a video on Easter Carols I recorded several weeks ago. All I need is a DVD to which to output. (Um, why didn’t I bring a dozen?) He is helping me today with a transcript of some Batwa interviews. I’m showing him all my gear (excessive!) and planning how, together, we can do cool things.

His job is not to be my assistant. He has enough to do. He works as an education coordinator with the Batwa Development Program.

Before I left CA, I prayed that the Lord would put his persons in my path to help, protect and encourage me. Barnabas was among those who fetched me at the airport, thus one of the first I met, and has been a companion friend since. He is an outlier of sorts….he is always punctual, a rarity in this land of “African time,” when even doctors stroll in late to meetings, rehearsals, morning prayers.

He is prayerful, one of the gifted speakers during morning devotions. He is very smart, funny, charming. I pray that I can help encourage him to pursue his destiny. For instance, we have talked about how he could go to UK for education. Visas for the US are too hard to get these days.

He’s a quick study with video. He wants to learn. He can compose pictures, which isn’t for everyone. In short, he’s delightful. My brother of a different mother. If I return to Africa, I’d recruit him as a grip for future shoots.

I thank God for Barnabas.

2 thoughts on “It’s About Relationships

  1. You are a blessing to my life Patrick,
    we have shared memories, experiences, and different moments. thanks for sharing your life with us, and Barna in particular. You have been more than a brother but a friend.
    This has been time well spent teaching Barna new skills in “videography” if that word ever exists. He is now a better person than you found him in February,you have keep inspiring me with your perspective of life and how you look at different things.
    Thanks to God our father who made us meet, for the support you have rendered to me and relationship it is not anything that can be bought with any price.
    Will miss you here in the woods and I pray God opens away for you to come back to Africa, as you serve Him.

  2. I know Barnabas Oyesiga and worked with him in the Children’s Church at University. He does everything with a lot of passion and loves the Lord very much. Praying that God continues to bless the works of his hands and continues to open up many opportunities for him in Jesus’ Name. Rev. Chrysostom Akwech

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