No Reminder Needed

It was a great day in Mafraq, Jordan on Tuesday. Our five-man, one-woman team of doctors, pastors and I drove 80 kilometers north to the village to fellowship with some Syrian refugees pouring into the region.

We met with the pastor who organizes the outreach then joined about 50 other volunteers on the roof of the church for breakfast. All four corners of the globe were represented. Experiences, hopes and dreams were shared over hummus, falafel, flat bread, yogurt, pastries and tea.

The weekly event was made more interesting when a delegation from Czechoslovakia, accompanied by video cameras, joined the party.

As conversations bloomed, I worked the rooftop with my camera, attracted to interesting relationships under development.

Next to me was Pastor John Ramey chatting with a young Syrian, Abbas, who, speaking in very good English, was telling about his escape from violence.

Working with our colleagues in Amman, I had been admonished, more or less, to not photograph or videotape the refugees for fear of reprisal by Syrian security forces. Before our arrival, there was an incident where identities were revealed online which resulted in harassment. No one wanted a repeat of that.

In Mafraq, however, the situation was different. Our colleagues there had gained the trust of the refugees in their care and allowance was made for me to videotape them. With discretion.

So I crouched behind Abbas and recorded his conversation with John, who asked if he had been attacked, and how he got of Syria. It was a “money shot” moment.

Later in the day, as I reviewed the clips on my camera, my heart sank as the interview was missing. Not the first time in my experience that I missed a shot because the camera was on when I thought it was off. But how would I break it to John that this fabulous, spontaneous moment was missed? I went to bed with prayers for confidence and guidance.

This morning I was up early to shave and shower before the the rest of team, now larger as two others arrived from Davis overnight. I fired up the laptop to download photos and video and see what I got. Lo(rd) and behold! The interview was there! My heart soared with joy as the day was made. I gave praise to God for saving me after I walked through the valley of death in my guilt and disappointment.

God is good. All the time. And it is always nice to me reminded.

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