Happy Thanks Living

Giving thanks for probably the best day professionally in 8 to 10 years today. At this critical holiday for Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, we scored with all local TV today, starting with 4 crews incl 3 LIVE shots at our morning breakfast. That only happens at events involving the mayor and Seahawks, we were told.

This afternoon I worked with reporter and a recovering woman who saw each other yesterday during T-giving prep piece. They last met when she was strung out on the streets. He found video from that encounter and used sound from her interview yesterday as a meal server to other recovering women. Great piece. A deeper dive into her story of recovery and redemption today.

Lastly tonight I helped an anchor-reporter through her volunteer stint at T-giving dinner at the Men’s Shelter. Her cameraman came to record her first-person experience and interviews with veteran volunteers.

Through it all we showed the love and caring of Mission staff and dozens of dedicated volunteers toward our vulnerable neighbors. God was present in a big way. Can’t top this feeling! 😀🙏🏻❤️💕

The Anti-Social Media

Many years ago a great mentor of mine, now deceased, told me why he never owned a television.

He said “why would I invite unsavory characters into my home?” The motion picture industry, maybe in cahoots with NRA, has fed us never ending spectacle of sex and violence…for decades and decades. Is it any wonder why our culture is so violent!

Today’s popular social media platform Facebook, to me, is becoming a day-care center for ignorant and uneducated voices to shout any unsubstantiated fact as fact. Trump is a genius. He’s figured this out, while other respectable men and women watch…and complain. He’s a media creation, now with a legion of anti-social followers.

So I think back to what my old headmaster, the Rev Peter Farmer, told me in Gualala some years back. The chatter on Facebook disturbs me. Do I want to continue to be a member of this community? I choose to be discreet or silent in my political rants on FB while others fuel the flames of hyper-partisanship.

Like with the TV, maybe I turn off the computer and quiet the vacuous voices and violent images and focus on relationships that edify me and which I treasure. I’ve posted my share of lunch item shots and silly cats playing.

It’s been child’s play. Now is the time for me to leave the kids table and join the adults.