Wholly Discontented

I made an appointment to meet a pastor friend today to discuss my spiritual aches and pains in the wake of my mind-blowing, three-month mission trip to Africa. I shared with him how things seem different since my return, from relationships to corporate worship. There seems to be a gulf, or distance, between me and the people and things that were formerly so close to my heart.


I shared with him how I think and pray constantly of my next trip abroad, to renew beautiful relationships with selfless servants in Uganda. I’ve kept up the email chatter back and forth across the continents and the ocean. They await me there. They ask me when I will return. Sounds good. Amazingly, there are even more opportunities for good video ministry work there. I recently met a friend of my mother’s at her church in Montclair, California. She helps support a mission in Uganda which battles poverty and the scourge of HIV/AIDS. There is mutual interest in how I can help her organization.

Once again, a video ministry opportunity opens up before me from my own sphere of influence.

Today I wanted to sort out with Pastor John the sense of conflict that it is inherent in my soul. Do I go, as I’m called to do, and as I want to do, to far off lands for mission and service? Or do I stay in my secure, ungated community, on the proverbial treadmill, living a life of quiet desperation? Obviously, there is no question for the answer is obvious.

Pastor John clapped his hands and praised the Lord for what he called my “holy discontent.”

We agreed that it marks a healthy process wherein my faith is tested and courage is summoned. It’s not unusual for us to be in conflict with the Lord. It’s in our DNA.

6 thoughts on “Wholly Discontented

  1. You’re doing it, dude. Listen to God, wrestle with him as I do constantly (and as Job did), and He’ll answer. He always does.

    I’m very ambivalent about my domestic duties. I’d rather go to Jordan next week with my dad and then to Niger.

    But God keeps saying: “YOU STAY DOWN, BOY. Your kids need you right now.”

    So I’m staying put. Until He speaks again.

    • Patrick, Thank God that you are in direct contact with your creator who calls you now to know him better and serve him better. Keep onyour knees and always be obedient to the inner voice. God is callling you for a new ministry.

  2. Your holy discontent means that you’re open to the next exciting adventure that God has planned. In the meantime, thanks for opening our eyes to the world beyond our walls.

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