From Reluctance to Righteousness

The Bible is never boring. We don’t know what we will encounter when we open it each day or as part of a daily office. We often get surprised and sometimes we get convicted.

Was reflecting today about the parable of two sons (Matthew 21: 28-32). Jesus gives an example of a father directing two sons to go and work in the vineyard.

The first son says, “I will not;” but afterward he repents and went. The second son was told the same and said, “I will go,” but did not go.

Who is righteous is this example? Of course, it is the one who did the will of his father.

How many of us feel the same way? We hear a friend, a teacher, a parent, a boss ask us to do something and our first reaction is often to protest and not do it. “I don’t want to do that! It’s ridiculous,” we might say. “It is beneath me.” But as we take a few steps away our mind clears, the spirit moves us and we do it, despite our initial misgivings and frustration.

The Bible says we are righteous for doing it that way. Jesus understands our initial reluctance but somehow we are anointed and changed and we go ahead and do what is asked of us.

The Bible has examples that are perfect for us, every day and in every way.