Language is not a barrier

Spent the day with a friend from DRC who traveled to spend the day with me in Fort Portal. I met him in 2014 in my visit there. He speaks French, Swahili and English is no better than his third or fourth language.

I am adept at French but there’s no way we could fully understand each other in our conversations. Nevertheless we managed to agree on work on future support between Team in Faith and his community in Bunia, DRC.

Later one of my best friends and project partners stopped in Ft Portal on his way home from weeks of fieldwork. We adjourned to a nearby establishment to relax over sodas. I told Cleous about our conversations.

What Evariste and I were discussing were some programs similar to what Cleous and I have been doing for years: helping women farmers with micro-finance loans, uniforms for primary school children.

I asked Cleous if he would be interested in absorbing this new outreach in DRC with his organization. He said yes! He then immediately said that training would be required and that some workers from DRC would need to come to his offices and be subject to training for accountability, etc., etc. I was just floored and delighted this all came together so easily, so naturally, so divinely.

Even if we cannot speak the language of our brothers and sisters we can make a human connection. That has been my experience in this great continent since I arrived in 2012. Despite the political chaos this is a beautiful world with beautiful people. It is good to remember that.